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The word “Glen” means “a narrow and deep valley," which perfectly defines our approach to wealth management.

What we mean by that is some people do everything an inch deep and a mile wide. This means they do a lot of things, but none of them very well (a.k.a. Generalist). We are 180 degrees different. We specialize in a small market segment and have deep knowledge and experience in those narrow areas.

Furthermore, in etymology, people given the name Glen are defined as trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, make excellent partners, they are often very intuitive and they like detail and order. This accurately describes what you will experience when doing business with us.

The word "Oak" symbolizes strength, courage, wisdom and humility, which is also how we approach managing your assets and retirement planning.

Tagline of Logo

Our Tagline

Note the words Unique and Perspective are single words, separated by periods. It is not a statement. It is two individual words. Our approach is truly Unique. We have a process to help guide you to the life, retirement and legacy you have always imagined. Perspective is an intangible, but incredibly valuable asset that any good, trusted advisor should bring to the table.

It is always prudent to have trusted advisors who can bring different perspectives to your goals and plans. There is a reason for the old adage “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. This expression means someone who is too involved in the details of the situation to be able to see it as a whole. We bring that holistic perspective to you and your team of advisors.

Tagline of Logo

Our Icon

Our icon, or symbol also has special meaning. The intertwined “G” and “O” do stand for Glen Oak, however they also stand for the word “Go”, which is the name of our process. We are where the TV ads stop, and where the rubber meets the road in the real world.

Lastly, the interlocking visual of the “G” and the “O” are symbolisms. The “chain link” represents protection and the interlocking nature means all parts of your financial world need to be tied together, in one comprehensive plan, in order to meet your goals and experience true peace of mind. Our experience has found you can’t just look at one facet in isolation to get the outcome you desire.